Buildings have many systems, which require constant attention to ensure an optimal internal building environment. At Codam Building Solutions, we help clients understand how to best optimize their building systems and make building improvements to improve operating conditions.

Specific to energy systems, Codam assists clients with understanding energy markets and how to take advantage of energy cost management opportunities, audits and assessment, real time energy monitoring, demand and peak management, lighting (interior/exterior), electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and Energy Project Incentives and Rebates.

Audits and Assessments

Buildings are complex structures with many different systems that require daily management and maintenance. However, building systems can deteriorate and become inefficient over time.

For many building owners and managers, this reality plays out slowly and can be difficult to notice until systems fail. A good way to stay ahead of this and maximize building life is to perform regular assessments and evaluations of the systems within your property.

Building and System Condition Assessments can help you to understand the current state of your building. This way, you can maximize building life and reduce repair costs through early detection of issues.

Energy Audits identify the current state of energy systems within your building — including the efficiency levels of the critical energy consuming building components. An Energy Audit will also identify opportunities to make your building more efficient, which will reduce overall energy costs and improve the value of your building.

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Real-Time Energy Monitoring:

Building owners want to avoid costs and surprises, which is why having access to quality information is critical to making important decisions about how to make adjustments to building systems. It is also highly critical that the information is timely and relevant.

Having Real-Time visibility into energy consuming components within your building will give you immediate insight into how you can improve your overall energy system performance and save on costs. With device level monitoring on key energy consuming assets such as HVAC, elevators and lighting systems, you can avoid breakdowns and excessive maintenance.

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Technology advancements, compliance protocols and government incentives have made Lighting a hot topic with building owners and managers. Over the past decade we have seen the rapid development of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology collide with environmental movements and policy changes focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, landfill waste and mercury usage. This has resulted in a wide acceptance of LED Lighting being the new standard, for both internal and external applications.

There is no better time than now to retrofit your lighting systems to LED. LED is the most efficient, eco-friendly and long-lasting lighting technology available today.

Government rebates have also made LED lighting incredibly affordable, with most retrofit projects yielding payback periods of 3 years or less. Don’t delay and take advantage of the available incentives to retrofit your internal and external lights.

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Energy Project Incentives and Rebates

There are many energy rebate and incentive programs available to building owners and managers that can help you save money when making improvements to your building systems.

Figuring out where to begin can be challenging and having access to a qualified and experienced resource will benefit you significantly. You can avoid pitfalls and frustrations with attempting to navigate through cumbersome applications and meeting strict results validation criteria.

Codam simplifies the process by helping you identify which systems to improve, as well as which incentive programs will maximize returns with your energy retrofit investments. We’ll manage the application and results validation to ensure a timely response for approval and financial receipt.

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HVAC systems consume the most power, both in single-family homes and multi-residential apartment buildings, as well as in commercial properties. Therefore, optimizing HVAC efficiency is always a top priority in any energy optimization projects.

While simply replacing older equipment with a newly-updated unit can produce immediate effects, we don’t stop there. As an energy management services company, we understand the importance of the comprehensive approach in providing for energy optimization — which should account for materials your property is constructed from, state of insulation, roofing and the electrical system, as well as the real size of your property.

Oftentimes, building owners and property managers opt for bigger HVAC systems to cool or heat their spaces. Meanwhile, oversized HVAC systems consume more energy, cost more and take up more space. We start by assessing the real area of the premises, ensuring that the building has sound insulation and repairing or replacing it when necessary. We also check the electrical system and make necessary adjustments, selecting HVAC systems that are best-suited for our clients’ needs.

Whether our clients choose to update their HVAC systems or prefer to stay with their old equipment, preventive maintenance is the key to minimize the wear and tear and eliminate malfunctioning. We are offering our clients full-service package starting from installation end ending with preventive and routine maintenance of their equipment to ensure energy efficiency,

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Your Go-To Emergency Restoration Company

We are different from other energy management companies, as our service doesn’t end at energy management. We are also well-known for our emergency restoration projects, including water restoration jobs in Oakville and Burlington and fire restoration works in Mississauga.

Being an emergency restoration company, we are used to working quickly and efficiently to make sure our clients’ properties are returned to their original condition and retrofitted with new energy-efficient equipment in the shortest time possible.

When we need to eliminate the consequences of water, fire or other damage, we are not just cleaning the debris or doing the simple repair work to return the property to its original state. We work closely with building owners and property managers to use the chance to work on the property and make sure that residences and properties are more energy-efficient.

We install new equipment, lighting, electrical systems and monitor devices to increase the value of the property, as well as owners’ return on investment.

For more information on increasing the energy efficiency of your homes after emergency restoration, contact Codam Building Solutions.