With more than 20 years experience in the building services industry, Codam has worked with a multitude of general contractors, trades and specialty service providers. Typically, client building or property related projects require the management and coordination of many service providers.   With so many options available for how to proceed with a project, Codam can be relied upon to make sense of it all and assist clients with ensuring that contractor terms are fairly negotiated and projects get completed on time and on budget.

1. Identification

Codam works with you to identify the goals & objectives for your project

2. Vendor Vetting

Codam will coordinate and source capable vendors to bid on your project needs

3. Solution Option Analysis

Codam will help you understand the value and benefit of all options available

4. Proposal Analysis

Codam will help you understand what you will get for what you spend

5. Contract Reviews

Codam knows contracts and will ensure you get favorable terms for your project needs

6. Installation Management

Codam knows how to manage contractors and trades to ensure projects are done on time and on budget

7. Measurement + Verification

Codam will measure the results of a project and verify that goals and objectives were met or exceeded